Scorpia was started because we love to create. In fact, we love to create so much that we're willing to renounce a lot of other stuff for it.

Just a few months ago, it was exam season and, well, I had a lot of exams to study for. Around the same time, I also came up with a creative poster idea. The rational thing to do would have been to wait for exam season to end and to begin designing the poster once that was over. But here at Scorpia, we aren't very rational. So in my small one-bedroom apartment, whilst my economics professor scheduled review-session after review-session, I instead opened up Illustrator and got to work.

I worked for 5 hours straight. I wasn't satisfied with my work - I scrapped it. I restarted. Worked for a few more hours. Shared the poster on reddit.

It blew up - looks like I had some posters to ship:


So whilst all my friends made their way to the library, I made my way to the UPS store. And that's how Scorpia was born. 

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